Phil created his first YouTube channel, darksydephil, on March 3, 2007, but didn't start creating gaming videos until October 2, 2008, very shortly after he quit playing Street Fighter proffesionally.  In the beginning he mainly did montoges and short gaming moments, (weather funny, intense, or angry), but later started to do full playthroughs.  He also started The show The Hateful Truth series on this channel, which was his game reviewing series.  The last video he posted on this channel was on March 20, 2011.  Shortly after that the channel got shot down from false copyright strikes, so he created DSPGaming, which he eventaully turned into his full time job.  The channel is now back up on YouTube, but hasn't been updated since that last video he made, back in 2011.  


The Hateful TruthEdit